Current School Notices




Term 4



Thank You Pop-Up Cafe

Personalised Label Flyer

2018 Class Contact List Principal Letter

Grade 6 Graduation Contribution Notice

GIPS Parents' Association AGM Invitation 

2018 Swimming Carnival Program

2018 Booklist and Fees

House Swimming Permission Form

Matt Glover Cartoon Incursion Information and Permission Form

Parent Payment Policy

Cost Support for Families

Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund Application Form

Swimming Lessons Information Sheet

Swimming Lessons Permission and Payment Form

Grade 2 CERES Excursion Information and Permission Form

5/6 ACMI Child Participation and Licence Agreement

5/6 ACMI Excursion Tuesday 21st November 

5/6 ACMI Excursion Tuesday 28th November 

Grade 2 Sleepover and Games Night Program

Grade 1 Games Night Program 

Grade 6 Graduation Photo Permission Form

Grade 6 Graduation Photos Reminder

Grade 3 Newsletter Term 4 

PSW Price List

Sleepover & Games Night - Medical Form

Grade 2 Sleepover - What to Bring 

Grade 2 Sleepover and Games Night

Grade 1 Sleepover and Games Night

Family Life Victoria 

Grade 4 Taskworks Incursion Information and Permission Form 

African Drumming Information and Permission Form

Grade 6 Special Uniform Orders  - for Grade 5s

Grade 1 Fruity Monsters Permission Form

Prep Breakfast Information and Permission Form

Prep Botanical Gardens Excursion Information and Permission Form



Term 3


Grade 1 City Excursion Notice

Grade 1 Incursion "Beep Honk. Zoom"

Grade 1 Show and Tell Roster

Divisional Athletics Travel Arrangements

Divisional Athletics Program

Grade 3 Botanic Gardens Excursion Information and Permission Notice 

Grade 3 + 4 Incursion "The Magic Words" Notice 

Grade 5/6 Sex Ed Notice

Prep "Take Off" Transition Program

2018 Prep Information Sheet

Grade 6 Graduation Notice

Grade 2 Games Night and Sleepover

Grade 1 Games Night and Sleepover

Swimming Lessons Questionnaire 

T3 Cake Pack Notice

Gr 3 Cultural Day Notice 

Gr 4 Polly Woodside Notice and Permission Form

Gr 2 Technology Now and Then Notice

Life Education Notice

Gr 5/6 Bike Ed Road Rides

French Day Special Lunch

Premier's Reading Challenge Closing Date 

Fathers' Day Breakfast 

Fathers' Day Stall

TOM Challenge Day 

Gr 5/6 Debating Workshop 

Divisional Netball Permission Form

Gr 5/6 Bike Ed Expression of Interest 

French Day Notice and Permission

Grade 3 Newsletter Term 3 

Art Event for Parents

Grandparents' Day Helpers - Prep

Slapped Cheek

Prom Night Update

Hamper Donation and Free Dress Day 

2017 Jeans for Genes Day

2017 GIPS Athletics Carnival Information and Permission Form

Grade 2 History Box

Grade 2 Newsletter Term 3

Prep Chesterfield Farm Notice

Grade 3 Immigration Museum Excursion Information and Permission Form

Hoop Time Schedule July 2017

Grade 3 Term 3 Newsletter

Prep Term 3 Newsletter



Term 2


Grade 5/6 Camp Packing List

Grade 1 Como Excursion Notice

Divisional Netball Permission Form - selected students

Hooptime Permission Form - Selected Students

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on Students with Disability

5/6 Camp Coonawarra Medical Form 2017 

5/6 Camp Coonawarra Permission Form 2017 

5/6 Camp Parent Request Letter 

Parent Workshops Term 2

Grade 1 Wild Action Incursion Notice

Grade 5+6 Convicts, Gold and Anzacs

Grade 5+6 Tournament of Minds Notice

Grade 3+4 Camp Packing List

Grade 2 Melbourne Zoo Excursion

Grade 3+4 Camp Anaphylaxis Notice

Term 2 Soiree

Grade 1 Sandwich Notice

5/6 Camp Initial Notice

Grade 2 Living Eggs

Grade 2 Term 2 Newsletter

Grade 5/6 Sovereign Hill Rescheduled Permission Form

Grade 4 History Box Incursion

Grade 3 Term 2 Newsletter

Prep Term 2 Newsletter

Respectful Relationships

Mothers' Day Stall



Term 1


Letter from Meredith Carracher

Letter to the GIPS Community re Acting Principal Term 2

Premier's Reading Challenge Consent Form

Year 6 to 7 Transition Information Evening

Cyber Safety Presentation

Letter to the GIPS Community

Grade 5/6 Sovereign Hill Notice

Gender Inclusive and Respectful Relationships

Grade 3 + 4 Camp Permission and Deposit Form 

Computer Programming Club Expression of Interest 

March 24 Cake Stall Notice   for 1M, 2T, 3C, 56H and 56KH

Easter Special School Lunch Menu

School Review Process

School Photos Postponed

Grade 5/6 iPad At Home Parents' Notice

Grade 5/6 iPad Use Agreement

Save the Whales Fundraiser 

Grade 4 Werribee Zoo Notice 

Prep Show and Tell Notice 

Prep Parent Helpers Information Session

Prep Incursion: Happy to be Me

ICT Acceptable Use Agreement 

Resilience Project

Meet the Teacher Interviews Notice

How to Book Meet the Teacher Interviews

Grade 3 Term 1 Newsletter

Grade 3 Writer's Notebook

Grade 5/6 Incursion - Science Discovery Dome 

Lunchtime Duty Notice

First Aid Notice

School Council Nomination Form 

Welcome From GIPS Parents' Association

Working Bees Notice

Icy Pole Helpers 

Family Fiesta 

Information Night 15 February

Working Bee Roster and Fund

French Club 2017 

Prep 2017 - Important Dates and Events

2017 Class Representative Nomination Form








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