Parents Association


The GIPS Parents’ Association (the 'PA') is a sub-committee of the School Council and is primarily responsible for overseeing fundraising projects, social events and other GIPS community activities each school year. 

Our members include GIPS parents, the school Principal, teachers and administration staff.


All PA activities are coordinated with the GIPS Office and endorsed by the School Council.


The PA promotes and coordinates parent, student, teacher and third-party involvement in these activities.  Additionally, the PA is responsible for communicating details of these activities through such channels as the GIPS website, Class Reps, the online newsletter, Assembly announcements, take-home notices, etc.


The PA meets once per month at the school to review current activities and to plan and coordinate future events, etc.  Anyone in the GIPS school community - teachers, staff and parents – may attend these meetings.  This year, the meetings will be held on the third Monday of each month at 7:30pm (subject to change as needed). 


Our Organisation

The Parents’ Association consists of a variety of roles.  A number of these contribute to the administration of the committee while the majority are responsible for coordinating specific events and ongoing activities.


Committee Roles - Administration


The main function of the President is to set the agenda for and chair the monthly PA meetings and to delegate tasks within the committee and the wider school community.  The President may represent, from time to time, the PA at various school events such as the Prep Parents (“Take Off”) functions.  The President contributes PA Committee updates for the school newsletter on a regular basis and is the point of contact for all PA-related correspondence.

Vice President
The Vice President provides ongoing support to the President.  The Vice President chairs PA meetings and represents the PA at school events when the President is unavailable.  The Vice President also monitors and reports on financial results of fundraising events throughout the year.



The Secretary records and distributes PA meeting minutes to all committee members and assists in other administrative activities as needed.


School Council Liaison Rep

The School Council Liaison Rep attends the monthly School Council Meetings as the PA representative and reports on issues arising from PA meetings and similarly attends PA meetings to report on relevant issues arising from School Council meetings. They typically serve on other school council subcommittees as needed.


Class Rep Coordinator

The main function of the Class Rep Coordinator is to liaise with all Class Reps.  At the beginning of each school year the Class Rep Coordinator facilitates the Class Rep nomination and selection process.  Afterwards, the Class Rep Coordinator liaises regularly with the Class Reps to communicate messages from the PA and to inform them of and enlist assistance with special events.


GIPS Staff Rep

The primary function of the GIPS Staff Rep is to provide staff input to the PA regarding all school events and activities.  The Staff Rep liaises regularly with GIPS teachers and office staff.


Committee Roles – Special Events and Community Activities

Family Fiesta Coordinator(s)

The Family Fiesta is held on a Friday afternoon/evening at the school early in Term 1. It is a good way for families to catch up after the summer break. The coordinator seeks parent volunteers to man the BBQs and canteen, orders provisions for the evening and oversees decorations. Often an external children’s entertainer is arranged as well.


Ashburton Festival Coordinator

The coordinator liaises with Ashburton Festival Organising committee, sets a theme for the stall and co-ordinates a roster of parent volunteers to man the stall at the festival. This is a way of show casing our school to the wider community.


Main Event Coordinator(s)

The Main Event Coordinator oversees the end-to-end planning of the school’s major fundraising event for the year. This role involves the coordination of other members of the PA, School Council, Principal’s office, plus a large number of parent helpers, volunteers, third-party suppliers and sponsors. The Main Event theme is decided in consultation with the PA and in previous years has included Trivia Nights, Twilight Market, Art Auction.


Special Lunches Rep

The Special Lunch Rep is responsible for coordinating Special Lunches, typically one per term, throughout the school year.  Special Lunches are usually themed events such as the Easter Lunch (hot cross buns and chocolate eggs), Footy Lunch (party pies and sausage rolls) and the French Lunch (chocolate croissants, etc.).  Responsibilities of this rep include liaising with our supplier Classroom Cuisine.


Icy Pole Rep

This role is responsible for compiling the parent roster for the weekly Icy Pole duty (traditionally Friday), recently this has been done with an online site. The rep is also responsible for checking stock levels, placing orders from the supplier and for restocking and defrosting the freezer as required throughout the school year.  The Icy Pole Rep also assists in supplying icy poles for special events such as the Prep BBQ, Family Fiesta and Take-off Programs.


Lunchtime Duty Rep

The Lunchtime Duty Rep is responsible for organising the Lunchtime Duty roster each term (done recently via an online booking system).  It is a hands-on role that involves scheduling, distributing “help-wanted” notices to Parents, liaising with the Principal’s office, communicating with parent helpers and performing various administrative tasks.  The role requires approximately 3-4 hours of work per term.


Second Hand Uniforms Rep

This role is responsible for organising the duty roster for the Second Hand Uniform shop, which is open most Fridays from 3:15pm to 3:45pm.  It also involves sorting through donated stock and maintaining an appropriate level of second hand items during the course of the school year.


Mothers' and Fathers' Day Stalls Coordinator

The stalls are a much loved part of the school year for our children, and children of all levels love coming to purchase gifts for their parents! This role is ideally suited to two people who can work together to run these stalls on a day in the lead up to Mothers’ Day or Fathers’ Day. The organisers set a day for these events, in consultation with the school and PA committee, and then take responsibility for ordering items of varying value for sale (using a few main suppliers). Closer to the event days, the coordinators sort the items, price them, organise some flyers and helpers from the school community, and then coordinate the respective days, which are a lot of fun. There is always a large number of enthusiastic helpers, and a comprehensive guide on how the process works. It is a rewarding and fun way of being involved with the GIPS community.


Cake and Produce Stalls Committee

A Cake and Produce Stall is held each term (4 in total) and is a much anticipated event. There are 4 Cake and Produce Stall Coordinators who liaise with the class reps, parents and school office. They also coordinate and have responsibility for the notices, food safety practice, packaging and receiving of goods, set-up, manning of stalls, take down and funds raised. Each class is invited to stock and man one stall during the year.


Book Club Reps

The Book Club Reps are responsible for coordinating three or four Book Club offers throughout the year.  This includes distributing catalogues, collating orders and the distribution of orders (with the assistance of volunteers and Class Reps) to each class.


Walkathon Rep

The school Walkathon is an annual fundraising event, usually held in Term 4. It is very much enjoyed by all the children, who have the opportunity to be sponsored for completing a number of laps around either the school grounds (Prep-Grade 2) or Ferndale Park (Gr 3-6). This role involves selection of a date, in consultation with the senior staff and PA committee, and then basic coordination of notices, applying for a permit for Ferndale Park, running the 30-minute event, and collation of funds raised. It does not involve a lot of pre-planning, and would suit two people working together.


Fathers' Day Breakfast Rep

The Fathers' Day Breakfast Reps (ideally 2 or 3) are responsible for organising this annual event that is usually held on the Thursday morning (7.30-8.45am) before Father’s Day.  This involves the enlistment of Parent Helpers as well as coordinating newsletter reminders, managing third-party providers, organising food items and equipment, scheduling rosters, ticketing and other administrative tasks.


Lost Property Coordinator

The Lost Property Coordinator is responsible for the overseeing the return of students’ lost property to their families.  This is a hands-on role and is supported by both Parent and Student volunteers.  The role involves regular (weekly) on-site reviews of the lost property holding area to ensure that it is safe, clean and tidy at all times.  It also involves communicating with the Principal’s Office as well as GIPS families.


Friends of the Library Coordinator

The “FOTL” Coordinator is responsible for scheduling monthly meetings and sending communications to the group on behalf of the Library Liaison Teacher/s.  This role includes coordination of volunteers for FOTL library tasks and additional tasks (as required) throughout the year.  The availability to work an hour in the library, once a week, with the Library Liaison Teacher/s is beneficial but not essential.


Mothers' Day Pamper Event Rep

The Mothers' Day Pamper Reps (ideally 2 or 3 Dads) are responsible for organising this annual event that is usually held on the Friday morning (7.30am - 8.45am) before Mothers' Day. This involves the enlistment of Parent Helpers, as well as coordinating newsletter reminders, managing stands, organising pamper items and equipment, scheduling rosters, ticketing and other administrative tasks.


General Committee Members

The PA relies on the assistance of General Committee Members to assist with a variety of activities.  The involvement of General Committee members is an invaluable part of our fundraising efforts, other school activities and local community events.  Examples of these include opening the library for students during lunchtime, covering library books, helping out with “sausage sizzles” and ensuring the school’s involvement in local events such as Education Week and the Ashburton Festival.


Class Reps

The role of the Class Rep (1-2 per class) is a rewarding and vital part of our school community.

Duties include:

  • Assisting with compiling a class contact list at the beginning of the year
  • Welcoming new families starting at the school
  • Working with your class teacher to produce a roster for classroom helpers – if required
  • Organising parent helpers for excursions or sporting events when they occur
  • Helping or organising helpers for any “housekeeping” jobs the class teacher may have
  • Keeping up to date with issues / events occurring within the school community and communicating this information to your class
  • Helping with Year level specific events eg Prep Orientation/Take Off program & Grade 6 Graduation
  • Communication with the Class Rep Coordinator and / or checking and distributing the agenda and minutes of Parents’ Association meetings
  • Organising social events for your class / year level. We encourage at least one get together per term. These can be as simple as morning / afternoon tea or dinner
  • Meeting as a group with the School Principal once a term
  • The Class Rep Handbook can be found here.

Getting Involved - Feedback & Volunteering

The Parents’ Association welcomes feedback and suggestions - and, especially new volunteers! - At any time from all members of the GIPS community.  We would love to hear from you! 



To view current PA positions in 2017, please click here.


The following positions are vacant in 2017.

Please contact any of the current Committee Members for further details. We would love to have you on board!

  • Second Hand Uniform Shop
  • Lunchtime Duty Coordinator
  • Mothers' and Fathers' Day Stalls
  • Main Event 2017 Committee
  • Special Lunch Committee
  • Class Rep Co-ordinator
  • Cake and Produce Stalls Committee Member (1 more needed)



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