2019 Fee Schedule


Dear GIPS Parents & Guardians,

Please find details of fees for school year 2019 to follow.

School Council reviews all fees and contributions each year and makes every effort to minimise the cost to families. We strive to ensure that the fees are reasonable and affordable for all families, while not sacrificing the quality of your child’s education.

The following summary provides a general overview of the fees:

2019 Glen Iris Primary School Fees 2019
Essential Learning Items    $150.00 per student (E)
Mathletics $ 14.00  per student (E) 
ICT/Library Fund $ 200.00  per student (V)
Building Fund $ 100.00  per student (V)

E = Essential Fees
V = Voluntary Fees

Excursion Levies -- Essential
Prep     $125.00 per student
Year 1  $140.00 per student
Year 2  $160.00 per student
Year 3  $170.00 per student
Year 4  $175.00 per student
Year 5 $ 250.00 per student
Year 6 $ 250.00
per student

All school fees and levies may be paid through the Course Confirmations/Payments via COMPASS, in person at the school office or by BPay. Alternative arrangements can be made by contacting the Principal through the school office.

Additional costs may be incurred during the school year. These may include: school camps, swimming programs, sporting events, Year 5/6 sport, yearbook, school photos and various invitational programs.


These are items and services that are needed to support the course of instruction in the standard curriculum.


All families are required to provide their student’s personal materials needed for the classroom program. These may be ordered online via OfficeMax or through your own supplier. All items on the Book List are required unless marked as "Optional". Families may re-use items, if in good condition, from previous years.

The bookbox lists can be found here.
OfficeMax: www.officemaxschools.com.au
Reference: P2AZ8


Family voluntary contributions and donations support School Council in providing an enriched education program in a safe learning environment for all our students. These include the Building Fund & ICT/Library Fund.

Your contributions enable the school to offer the high standard and diverse nature of educational opportunities for your children. We encourage all families to support each of these funding programs.

School Building Fund.

Donations to our Building Fund are used to support classroom and building refurbishments as well as the general maintenance of school facilities.

Building Fund contributions are tax deductible. We provide separate receipts for these donations to assist with your income tax returns.

ICT/Library Fund

Donations to this fund support the purchase of new library books and enable us to employ a library technician.

The ICT/Library levy is also used to maintain the school’s hardware and infrastructure including interactive whiteboards, school notebooks, iPads, digital technologies, wireless communications, technical support and educational software.

ICT/Library Fund contributions are tax deductible. A separate receipt will be issued for any donations to this fund to allow families to make a claim on their income tax.

Contributions to each of these funds are voluntary. Families may donate the amount suggested in the list or any other amount they feel is appropriate. We welcome all contributions and indeed rely on these to ensure the best possible learning experience for our students.

Other support options

The school appreciates that some families may experience financial difficulties from time to time. A range of support options, including the State Schools Relief Committee and the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF), is available to assist eligible families. Details can be found on the school website or by contacting the school office.

Special arrangements can be made for any family seeking assistance. Please contact the school office to schedule a confidential discussion with the Principal at any time.

Additional information

The Parent Payment Policy endorsed by School Council is available on the school website at:

http://www.gips.vic.edu.au/page/143/School-Policies  and on COMPASS in School Documentation.

The Department of Education and Training (DET) policy is available at:


If you have any questions in this respect, please feel free to contact either of us through the school office.

Kind regards,

Garry Collins          Alex Goldhagen

Principal                School Council President

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