# From the Principal's Office

Dear Parents,

The school community has been a hive of activity recently, and this Newsletter highlights the many things that make this a great learning community.

Well done to all 60 students who yesterday represented the school and competed in the GIDSSA cross-country event at Nettleton Park. Our students represented GIPS with enthusiasm and a determination to do their best. They all contributed to a remarkable achievement where we finished 1st in the aggregate points and 2nd in the overall results. A superb team achievement!

A special thanks to Nathan Gilliland, our PE teacher, for the preparation of the team and to the Year 3 to 6 teachers who supported the program. Also a big thank you to the parent helpers and supporters who made the morning a huge success!

Congratulations to the students who will now compete in the Divisional Cross Country on Thursday 30 May by finishing in the top ten of their age group. Pictured below are Lucy and Oliver holding our aggregate shield, which will be proudly displayed, outside the office.

Aggregate Position 1st
Overall Position 2nd

The top ten from each age group have qualified for the divisional cross country on May 30.

9/10yrs Girls     

Abbey H – 2nd

9/10yrs Boys

Luke deV – 2nd

Max B – 3rd

11yrs Girls

Zoe N – 7th

11yrs Boys

Harry M – 1st

Richie S – 5th

Ben M – 9th

12/13yrs Girls

Lucy P – 1st

Ruby S – 3rd

12/13yrs Boys
Oliver H – 5th

We also had a large number of students finish in the top 30.

Thank you to all staff who made the extra effort to train our students at school.


We have recently purchased 30 new laptops that will be utilised in the Year 4 classrooms. Each of our classrooms from Prep to Year 2 are equipped with iPads and from Year 3 to Year 5/6 iPads and laptops, which enable our students to have the opportunity to work with up-to-date technology in their day-to-day learning.  These purchases are only made possible by the voluntary contributions parents make to the Library/ICT fund.


Students in Year 3 and 5 have completed the annual NAPLAN Testing Program held on the mornings of Tuesday 14 to Thursday 16 of May. The NAPLAN Testing Program covers the areas of Writing, Reading, Language Conventions (spelling, punctuation & grammar) and Numeracy. This will be the last year for NAPLAN pen and paper testing as all schools will be required to conduct these tests online in the future. 

PREP 2020

We had a very well attended Prep 2020 Information session last Thursday evening. Over 40 families were presented with a snapshot of GIPS. Special thanks to Flip Connell, who spoke on behalf of the School Council, Liz Balderas who spoke as a current prep parent, two students; Georgia N and Kieran O, who did an amazing job representing all students and Barbara Maclarn and Hayley Greeves, our Prep teachers, who showcased our Prep program brilliantly. The feedback from the night was very positive.


Yesterday, in the morning and afternoon, we had an Open Day for new families to have a tour of the school led by students from the Promotions Team and volunteer parents. The tours finished with light refreshments in the library. Once again, this event was very well attended and we received some very positive comments about how well our students spoke and represented the school.

Careers Day

May 20 - 24 is Education Week, and the theme this year is Celebrating Careers. On Friday 24 May, we will be holding a special Careers Day. It will be a uniform-free day and students can come dressed for a career that they might want to pursue. We will hold a small parade in the morning so the range of careers on choice can inspire the students. In the afternoon, between 2pm - 3.30pm, parents are invited to visit their children's class to give a short talk about their careers. Extra points if you can explain how you use what you learnt at school in your job!

There is still time to volunteer, please email the school at glen.iris.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au with your name, the classes that you would like to visit and your chosen career.


Living Eggs Incursion – Year 2

As part of their investigation into the topic ‘Life Cycles – Watch It Grow’ this Term the Year 2 students have been involved in a chicken hatching program in their classrooms. During this time, the children will investigate the life cycle of a chicken. An incubator and brooder box are in each classroom to enable the children to experience and record the development of the newly hatched chicks.

Hands On Science Incursion – Year 3
On Monday 20 Hands-On Science visited our Year 3s to explore their Inquiry Unit ‘Solids, Liquids and Gases.’ The program engaged the students with interactive science theatre and hands-on experiments based on real-life research.

Sovereign Hill Excursion – Year 5/6
As part of their Term 2 integrated topic ‘Eureka - Gold Rush!’ the students in Years 5 and 6 will be enjoying a full day’s educational adventure at Sovereign Hill. This is a fabulous opportunity for the students to immerse themselves in life on the gold fields, the struggle for democracy and the explosion of new technology. The excursion will take place on Wednesday 29th of May. The buses will be departing GIPS at 8:00am and returning to school at approximately 6:00pm. At Sovereign Hill, the students will attend a session with the on-site educational officer. Students will take part in a Gold Pouring Demonstration at the smelting works, a tour of the Red Hill Mine, be able to pan for gold and have time to look around the township in small groups supervised by an adult.

We have approximately 133 Year 3 & 4 students who will be attending Camp Manyung, Mt Eliza on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week. At Camp Manyung, students will participate in a wide range of educational and environmental activities including flying fox, giant swing, tree rolling, bush cooking, bike riding, frisbee golf, a beach ramble experience and more. We look forward to hearing about their amazing experiences on their return.

Thank-you to the following teachers attending the camp: Meagan Cofield, Sammy Orchard, Bindi Tod, Tanya Tomic, Niki Judd, Christine Hiland, Mary-Anne Jansen, Nathan Gilliland and Shelley Morrison. Also huge thanks to our volunteer parents: Steve Andrinos, Tristan Schmidt, Alison Parkington, Grant Pearce, Zac Trakas and Bernard Curry.

Our first Make & Bake Sale for the year is on this Friday. This is a much-anticipated event on the school calendar for our students. A huge thank you to Shane Millar for all the work she has done behind the scenes in preparation. Thanks also to the many volunteers who donate food for the stalls.

As part of the French program for this year, Grade 4 students will exchange documents and mini video clips with a class of students living in a town called Niort in France. Together with their teacher, Miss Catherine Rivault, we have created a Google account through which we will send our students’ work.

Our Visual Arts teacher, Michele Freeland-Small, has some very exciting plans for the year culminating with an Art Exhibition Festival "The Dawning of Birrarung" in Term 4 and not to be missed Art Auction on the evening of Saturday 26th October 2019. Michele has fantastic plans to work with the students with a focus on creating individual and group works. As always, she would welcome any assistance and involvement from the parent community. 

Our first soiree for the year will be on Tuesday 18 June in the church hall. This evening provides a fantastic opportunity for students who learn an instrument (including singing lessons) at school and those in rock bands to display their achievements in their musical pursuits. A huge thank-you to Rosey Arnold, our Performing Arts teacher, for facilitating the soiree this year.

Next Wednesday we will take part in the National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS). This initiative complements one of our school goals by:

  • promoting the value of reading and literacy

  • promoting the value and fun of books

  • promoting an Australian writer and publisher

Every year a picture book written and illustrated by an Australian author is selected. This year Alpacas with Maracas, written and illustrated by Matt Cosgrove, was featured. A hard copy was purchased for each Year Level and students will take part in reading the story together and completing activities. More information can be found by following this link: https://www.alia.org.au/nss.

Each year students in Years 4, 5 & 6 take part in an Attitudes to School Survey. The survey, which takes about 40 minutes to complete, will be conducted in the week starting Monday 28 May and is completed online during normal classroom time. The survey focuses on excellence in teaching and learning and a positive climate for learning. The students are asked to respond, using a five point scale, to a range of topics including; motivation and interest, student voice, effective teaching practice, teacher empathy and resilience.

CURRICULUM DAY – Friday 7 June
A final reminder to all families that a Curriculum Day is on Friday 7 June to support the student reporting process. Children do not attend school on this day. Team Kids will be running a program on the day from 7.00am to 6.30pm. Details found here.

Garry Collins