# GIPS Classic

**Next Steps - Cash and Prizes

If you haven't already, now is the time to register at schoolfundraising.com.au. For more information, check out the fundraising information below.

Please bring in all cash payments, in envelopes marked with the student's name, to the office before Thursday 4 April.


What To Bring on the Day Link

Consent must be given via Compass (link) for your child to attend 

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GIPS Classic Promo Flyer Link

Coloured powder MSDS (cornstarch) Link

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Who is School Fun Run and www.schoolfundraising.com.au?
School Fun Run (www.schoolfundraising.com.au) are our event partners. They are award-winning, national specialists in hosting these types of events for schools and will be facilitating the fundraising and prize distribution component of the event as well as hosting the activities on the school oval throughout the day. They receive 10% plus GST of the funds raised plus the cost of the colour powder.


Why are we fundraising?
Fundraising allows for additional resources that would otherwise be unattainable to be purchased for the school. The GIPS Classic allows us to spread our fundraising activities throughout the year and not rely on the Main Event as a premium source of revenue so greatly. Given the community nature of the event, it allows for students to be more actively involved in the fundraising process and source income from beyond the direct school community.

What are we fundraising for?
This year our goal is to reach $17,000 in fundraising from the GIPS Classic. This would allow the school to purchase an additional two (2) Promethean Digital Screens for our classrooms.

Why do I need to sign up for the fundraising page?
It makes it easier to receive donations (online) from friends and relatives who may want to support your child/ren reach their goal. Once you have an online account, it makes ordering your prize very easy. Finally, everyone who signs up and raises at least $1 goes into the draw to win a family holiday with Webjet valued at $20,000. (Drawn in December 2019 – open to every student in Australia who signs up). Setup your online fundraising page at www.schoolfundraising.com.au

How easy is it to sign up to the online fundraising platform?
It is relatively simple. Go to www.schoolfundraising.com.au and follow the prompts to complete your child (or family) profile page. Personalise your message and explain what your personal fundraising goal is. Don’t forget to tell your family and friends what we’re fundraising for – 2 new Promethean Digital Screens. Once you’ve got your profile page complete, you can share your link with potential sponsors and they can donate directly via the website!

Can children from one family create a single family page to request donations?
They can. If you have more than one child and they hope to pool their money to aim for a prize they can share ie) an electric scooter, you can set up a Family page. Select your eldest child’s class and let the teacher/s of the younger siblings know this is your plan.

Can I collect donations as cash?
You can. You will need to place cash into an envelope with your child’s name and class and total amount on it. It will be counted and recorded. We expect that the majority of donations will be via our online platform – www.schoolfundraising.com.au hosted by Everyday Hero.

Will large fundraising efforts be acknowledged?
Throughout the duration of the campaign, we will be keeping an eye on students who are achieving impressive results and we will ask them to share tips or advice during assembly. At the conclusion of the event, we will acknowledge publicly with a certificate the top 3 fundraisers in Junior (P-2), Middle (3-4) and Senior (5-6) levels.

Are donations tax deductible?

How are the children involved in fundraising?
At school we will be brainstorming and promoting ways for children to fundraise. We encourage you to speak with your children at home and encourage them to create a fundraising target and come up with some creative ways to raise some funds. They could write a message that is distributed to family, friends and colleagues asking for their sponsorship or they could complete bob-a-job tasks such as mowing a neighbours lawn, feeding the cat, foregoing screen time etc. Having the children involved in the fundraising builds self-esteem and gives them great pride in knowing they are helping the school. The prizes create a great kick-back for their efforts and allows them to give back to those in need via our Gifts from GIPS gift-giving program, which this year is supporting the Starlight Foundation.

When is the fundraising money due?

All fundraising money is due either online or in cash deposited to the school by Friday, 5th April 2019.


Why are there prizes?
The prizes are a key element of the fundraising model provided by our partner. Their experience indicates that the prizes do lead to higher fundraising participation among students. Our goal is to try and encourage 100% fundraising participation from students – regardless of individual amounts raised.

What are the prizes?
Check out the prizes on the posters at school, the pamphlets that were sent home, on the website www.schoolfundraising.com.au scroll down to see the prizes or your fundraising profile page. These are changed each year based on popularity.

What if we don’t want to keep the prizes?
It is recommended that everyone who is eligible orders a prize/s. You can either regift it or donate it back to the school’s GIFTS FROM GIPS gift-giving program. This year, our students have nominated the Starlight Foundation as the recipient of any donated items. See https://starlight.org.au for more information.

What if I raise $200 – can I (for example) select 2 prizes from the $100 range instead of something from the $200 range
The simple answer is yes. Some people may choose this option so that they can keep an item for themselves and donate one to our chosen charity.

When can I choose my prize?
After 5th April, 2019 when the money is due in

When will my prizes arrive?

The cut off date for ordering is Friday 3rd May, 2019. Following this date, there will be some time for final checking before the school’s order is submitted. It is likely that fulfilment of the prizes will be towards the end of May or early June. We will inform families of the likely timeframes closer to the time.