# From the Principal's Office

It has been fantastic to see all of our students make a smooth transition back to on-site learning. The classrooms have been filled with the chatter and excitement of learning together, which has been great to hear.

This is part of an email I received from one of our neighbours:

“So nice to hear the happy sounds of children at recess and lunch from my garden again.
I never noticed it before lockdown.”

Seeing our parents and carers at drop-offs and pick-ups once again brings a feeling of community back to the school, and we are truly appreciative of the continued support that you have given your children and our school staff during this year.

In Term 4, Literacy and Numeracy will be our main focus in the classrooms, with teachers adapting their teaching and learning programs to be responsive to student needs. Student wellbeing will also continue to be a focus for all teachers for the remainder of the year.

As always, you will receive a report for your child outlining their progress in Semester 2, 2020, against the Victorian Curriculum. The report will again look little different from previous years because of remote learning in Term 3.

The Semester 2 report will include:

  • An overview of the content covered in English, Maths and Integrated Studies in terms 3 & 4

  • A rating for English– Reading & Viewing, Writing and Speaking & Listening.

  • A rating for Maths – Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry and Statistics & Probability.

  • A comment from the classroom teacher/s on the students’ progress in English and Maths

  • A general comment from the classroom teacher/s on their learning and social capabilities in the classroom and how they adjusted to the remote and flexible learning environment

  • Specialists will provide an overview of the content covered in terms 3 & 4.

The second semester reports will be available to parents on Tuesday 15 December.

Last week we celebrated Book Week and on Wednesday all teachers and students had a great day coming to school dressed in this year’s theme, ‘Curious Creatures – Wild Minds’ or as their favourite book character. It was fantastic to see all the amazing costumes from Harry Potter to Where’s Wally.

This year I ‘bumped’ into a couple of familiar faces, Mr Tickle (Henry) and Mr Bump (Oscar).

A big thank-you to Krista Morris, our librarian, who organised this event. It was a fantastic way for GIPS to celebrate Reading!

On Tuesday the Preps held their traditional Prep Breakfast. Although a little different this year the boys and girls were all very excited to have breakfast at school. It was a fun morning for the Preps and a great way to start off the day. The breakfast menu was:
  • Fruit cups
  • Cheese & bacon rolls
  • Croissants with jam or butter
  • Pikelets with maple syrup
  • Orange/Apple juice
  • Milk or water.

A huge thanks to the Prep teachers for organising this event.

The Year 2 students will be ‘Going Green’ this term as they investigate the topic of Sustainability. The students are exploring ways we can all help our environment learning about the 5Rs – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink. This week they are involved in a virtual interactive visit from CERES Environment Park to further explore the idea of ‘Going Green’ and hopefully they will pick-up many helpful tips.  Pictured below are students from 2G interacting with the live CERES program online.


All year levels in visual arts are currently investigating famous artists.

The students in 3TJ (pictured right) are proudly displaying their very colourful representations of the work of the Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist, Joan Miró.

As we have not been able to run the sausage sizzle this year, the SRC is sending the money collected in Term 1 from the $2.50 donations to Clifton Creek Primary School. This school was severely impacted by the bushfires earlier this year.

We are beginning our planning for 2021. Our staff are committed to meeting the educational needs of all students. A great deal of thought, planning and time goes into placing children into classes each year. Every effort is made to place each child in a learning environment that is happy, productive and successful. Class placement is a complex process involving a range of factors and allocations will not be finalised until later in the school year. 

We do not accept requests for placement with individual teachers, however, we do take into consideration relevant information, based on educational needs, which can help us with the placement of students.

If parents have any particular request for their child for 2021 we need this to be put in writing or via email, to the Principal, by 4 pm on Friday 6 November.
Soon you will be receiving some information about our fee structure for 2021. Each year the School Council reviews all fees and contributions and makes every effort to minimise the cost to families. The school strives to ensure that the fees are reasonable and affordable whilst not sacrificing the quality of your child’s education.

After careful consideration and review the school fees structure for 2021 will basically remain the same as 2020.

Next year again, parents will no longer be required to purchase the student’s personal materials.  These will be ordered by the school and each student will receive their Book Pack at school at the start of next year.

As in previous years, a voluntary component allows the school to provide the facilities and programs for all our students. The voluntary Building Fund and ICT/Library Fund contributions are tax deductible.  We provide separate receipts for these donations to assist with your income tax returns.

Donations to our Building Fund are used to support classroom and building refurbishments as well as the general maintenance of the school facilities. The school has plans in the near future to re-carpet the school and replace the existing synthi-turf as well as continue to maintain our existing facilities.

Donations to the ICT/Library Fund enables us to continually update our already amazing library by purchasing new library books and also employ a library technician to ensure the books are catalogued and maintained.  The ICT/Library Fund also allows us to update our iPads, laptops and interactive panels that students across the school have access to for classroom lessons. In 2020 we updated the fleet of 120 iPads for the Year 5/6 students. The fund also allows us to maintain the school’s hardware and infrastructure including wireless communications, technical support and educational software.

Your contributions enable the school to offer the high standard and diverse nature of educational opportunities for your children.  We encourage all families to support each of these funding programs.

The Parent Opinion Survey is an annual survey offered by the Department of Education and Training that is conducted amongst parents at all Victorian government schools. It is designed to assist schools in gaining an understanding of parents’ perceptions of school climate, student behaviour, student engagement and experiences of remote and flexible learning. Our school will use the survey results to help inform and direct future school planning and improvement strategies.

This year we have invited every family to take part in the survey. An email has been sent with login details to be completed by Friday 13 November.

All responses to the survey are anonymous. The survey takes 20 minutes to complete, and can be accessed on desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. We would really appreciate your support to get as many responses as possible, and if you have any issues please don’t hesitate to call the school office on 9885 3624.

We did get some great news recently that we will be able to finally have school photographers onsite. Group shots have to be taken outside. School photos will be at school on Friday 20 November. Details on how to order photos will be distributed soon. 

Thank you to those who have notified me if their child will not be returning to Glen Iris PS in 2021. This has enabled us to begin putting in place plans for next year. If you have not yet let us know that your child will be leaving, could you please do so this week via email: glen.iris.ps@education.vic.gov.au

The school recently purchased three Promethean Panels which have been placed in 5/6P, 2G and Prep M. These panels allow teachers to present information, deliver lessons and engage students through their interactivity. Over the past 4 years we have now replaced all the older versions of the Interactive White Boards (IWBs) in the classrooms. The funds to purchase these interactive panels have been made possible by the voluntary parent contributions for the ICT/Library Fund and the money raised by the Parent Association over the past couple of years.

Students who display our school values: Achievement, Empathy, Respect, Resilience and Honesty are recognised by being awarded with a Tea Pot ticket. Congratulations to the following students who were drawn out of the teapot at our last assembly and had an “alfresco” morning tea with me last week:

Carter – 56H

Declan C – 56C

Damon N – 56C

Declan X – 56H

Isla – 4P

Evie – 4GM

Andy – 3J

Zahra – 3C

Henry – 3TJ

Eloise – 4GM

Alfred – 2G

James – 2G

Kiera – 2H

Sara – 1C

Logan – 1C

William S – 1C

Zach – PC

Henry – PM

Archer - PM

Tyler - PC


A reminder that Monday 2 November will be a curriculum day. Students are not required on this day. On this day teachers will be involved in planning programs for the remainder of the term, assessment and moderation and reporting of student progress. Team Kids will be running a program for the day: book online at www.teamkids.com.au

We are enjoying the lifting of restrictions and look forward to life returning to a more normal state, and the opportunities that will open up again for our students and families. 

Garry Collins