# From the Principal's Office

The end of the school year is fast approaching. We are in the process of finalising our staffing and ordering furniture, supplies and so forth for 2022, and the graduation plans for our Year 6 students are well underway.

Information regarding the payment of levies for 2022 were sent out via Compass last week.  As with previous years, all school levies can be paid through the Course Confirmations/Payments section of Compass. As I wrote in the last newsletter, the School Council reviews all fees and contributions and makes every effort to minimise the cost to families. The school also asks families to contribute to the following voluntary funds: Library/ ICT Fund and the Building Fund, to enable us to continue to develop and improve our programs and facilities for the students. These two funds are tax deductible.


Prep Breakfast

On Tuesday 18 November our Preps enjoyed “Breakfast at School”.  The teachers and students arrived early and together had a fantastic morning eating pikelets with maple syrup, croissants, and juice.  After breakfast, the children washed their dishes and got themselves ready for school.  It takes self-confidence and resilience for children to approach unfamiliar situations independently.

All the students wrote about the breakfast and two of our Prep students, Annabelle M (pictured) and Annabelle J presented at last week’s School Assembly.

Next week our Preps are looking forward to spending an adventurous day at Chesterfield Farm.

Year 4 Incursion
Today our Year 4 students took part in a 90-minute Hands on Science incursion. The students investigated different forces and the relationship between force and motion. Students explored the effect of friction and learnt about the forces of attraction and repulsion between magnets. Students were challenged with testing a reaction rocket to investigate air resistance and gravity. The students were guided through each step and were prompted to predict, observe and reflect on each activity.


Next Sunday between 10.00am and 12.00 noon we are hoping to have as many people as possible come along to our Working Bee. The weather looks promising, and our grounds are a little unkempt as we haven’t had the chance to have get together onsite over the last 6 months. The main jobs we would like to tackle are to clean out our draining pits, clear pathways, weed & prune garden beds and turn over tan bark under playgrounds. If you have brooms, shovels, rakes, garden gloves, pruning shears, wheelbarrows or other useful hand tools, feel free to bring them with you. We look forward to seeing you there!

Just a reminder that students in Years 3 to 6 are still required to wear face masks inside the classrooms. If your child is using a disposable mask, can they please have a spare in their bag as the elastic breaks easily. We have a limited emergency supply at school for those children who need them, but many students are simply forgetting them in the morning. When practical the teachers have taken some of their lessons outside.

SRC - GIPS Giving Back to the Community
A message from the Student Representative Council (SRC).

We are supporting Camcare again this Christmas. Camcare are an organisation that supports families in need in the Boroondara region in several different ways. We are supporting them by asking you to make a non-perishable food Christmas focused donation which would be given to families who are not able to afford such things. You might bring nice biscuits, tea, gingerbread, tinned food, minced pies, chocolate, cereal, rice, or pasta sauces to name a few.

We were so proud of our efforts last year and the generosity of the GIPS community, which banded together to show our school value of empathy.

We are asking all students to bring an item or more of food on the Monday 6th of December, which will then be taken to Camcare to be distributed. We will also be having a free dress day on that day with a focus on Christmas.

Thank You
Charlie S, Max L, Arielle R & Tessa F

Yesterday we had an unusual visitor to the school. Susie the lamb signed in and visited some of the grades. The lamb is a couple of weeks old and is an orphan that Eliza’s family are looking after until it is old enough to go to a farm.  


Students who display our school values: Achievement, Empathy, Respect, Resilience and Honesty are recognised by being awarded with a Tea Pot ticket. Congratulations to the following students who were drawn out of the teapot at our last assembly and will have morning tea with me tomorrow:

Oscar - PCGeorgia - PCWillow - PC
Vivi - PMMason – 1CJasmine - PC
Ashton – 1LHClaudia – 2HBrendan –2H
Melanie – 2SPAlfred – 3CPoppy – 3J
Amelie – 4PGrace – 4PKai – 4T
Holly – 5/6CWill – 5/6CCharlotte – 5/6H
Danio – 5/6HThomas – 5/6KOliver – 5/6P

A reminder to all our parents that the carpark at 200 Glen Iris Rd is for the use of the Uniting Church Centre and Kindergarten. As they have re-opened, there are a lot of cars in their carpark at school pick up time which is impacting upon their hirers and kindergarten parents.

Garry Collins