# The Space Odyssey


50 years ago, almost to the day, human beings planted their feet on the moon, heralding our species as a space-faring race. Since those heady days, we have found ourselves regularly out of this world – from the Jetsons to Lost in Space, from Star Trek to Star Wars, from Flash Gordon to Battlestar Galactica, and from Aliens to Predators. Our new telescopes floating in space explore the very edge of our universe, and are discovering hundreds of new planets every week. And our space exploration has continued from the early days of the Galileo, Mariner and Viking missions visiting all the planets in our solar system, to the amazing rovers of today, like Curiosity, which for 6 years has been testing and probing the surface of Mars, inching closer to finding life under the ice. Will alien life be found in our generation, or that of our kids?

And so, as a tribute to our space explorers past and future, and to the weird and wonderful life out that must be out there, I am delighted to invite you on behalf of the GIPS Parents Association, to 2019 – A Space Odyssey! – for a night of intergalactic fun.

It promises to be a great night, with music provided by some talented parents, including Bernie Curry of Johnny Spacepants Band, and Matt Hassan, who is dusting off his decks from London’s east end. There will be a welcome alien cocktail, raffles, live and silent auction, photos, our very own Lava Bar, and a great themed RSL that hasn’t seen a party like this since Bruce Ruxton was a boy.

The Main Event is the most important fund raising parent event of the year. Funds raised go towards essential school facilities and services. This year, the PA is hoping to raise over $40,000 to be spent on: 

  • An additional 4 interactive panels, taking the total number of panels purchased by parents over the last 2 years to 8. Cost: $28,000

  • Painting of the old heritage school building: $16,000

  • Sinking fund towards replacements of the astro turf: $10,000

In addition, this year have also identified a number of “Wish List” items that the school needs directly, such as footy jumpers for the School Team, which you can contribute towards on the night.

So Parents, we are asking you to dig deep for our school. Buy a ticket, and come along with a big Buzz Lightyear smile ready to buy something at our auctions, or from our Wish List or our Lava Bar. And if you dancing with aliens isn’t your thing, please make pledge on line. Every little bit counts.

I look forward to welcoming you to 2019 – A Space Odyssey!

Galactically yours,

Mal Osborne-Smith
President, Parents Association 2019