# Art Festival…what a surprise!

Nestled away in a corner of the Art room a large motley-looking egg was discovered, hiding amongst the students’ artwork…  We stood over it watching to see if it would move, wondering if there was a baby creature inside ready to break free!

What would it look like…  would it be large and scaly or long and slimy? We wanted to touch this egg:  we were in awe! Some of us gave it a gentle pat but nothing happened…  it was silent.

Aaron and Sarah were sad that it was all alone sitting amongst the mess! So they asked if they could make it a home, a beautiful cosy nest where it would be safe!

They collected twigs and leaves and twisted them into a wire frame, it look such a long time…  Mum Julie gave them a hand!

Now the egg is safe for the moment…  what will become of it?

We will watch over it but we will have to be very quiet…

What will happen next…