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We’re so excited to introduce our TK C.A.R.E.S Series! 🥳


What’s the TK C.A.R.E.S series?It’s an informative video series that will touch on the most asked about parenting topics!TeamKids’ good friend & in-house Psychotherapist, Heidi Rogers, is here to talk through and answer all of your burning questions.

What’s covered in this video series?Each video theme will cover a different topic, centred around issues and difficulties that families often face when dealing with young children.

Our expert, Heidi will guide you through managing different problems and tricky behaviours, with helpful advice, practical insights and effective strategies – helping families meet their child’s deepest needs and build stronger connections together.What’s the first video about?

We’re kicking things off with our videos on Emotional Regulation, which we know is a HUGE talking point amongst parents.

Heidi will teach you to crack the code – covering the ins and outs of teaching emotional regulation – moving away from punishments and timeouts to helpful strategies in managing emotional meltdowns.

Where can I watch?

Watch the snippet and see for yourself why these proven tips are GOLD! Here’s the link:

Want more? Keep the conversation going with this in-depth video on the topic. Here’s the link:

Share the knowledge!

We know families in your school community will find this video valuable. So, please share this video far and wide within your school community - whether that be on social media, your school’s newsletter or any other digital portals.

Stay tuned for the next video drops this term where Heidi will cover managing screen time and how to make and be a good friend! 😃