Grade 6 Graduation

  • Date
  • December 17,2018

  • Time
  • 06:00:pm - 10:00:pm


This will occur in the evening, at Sacre Coeur.

Dear Grade 6 Parents,
As you are aware, plans are well underway for our Grade 6 Graduation on the evening of Monday 17th December. It will be a very special event for both the students and their families as they celebrate this important and significant transition in their school lives.
To assist in funding this event, we are requesting that each Grade 6 family make a monetary contribution per child towards the cost of the various aspects of the evening. This money will cover the costs of catering for the supper provided after the event, decorations and supplies for the hall on Graduation night and a combined ‘thank you’ gift for each of the Grade 6 teachers, the Principal and Deputy Principal. In addition, the Graduation Student Contribution will also cover the cost of a Graduation Album/Autograph Book for each student. This will be a treasured memoir for each student of their primary school years and the many friends and fun activities they have been involved in whilst at GIPS. These books have already been collated and produced and shall be distributed to the students on Graduation Night.
Based on these combined costs, the Graduation Contribution Payment in 2018 is $50.00 per child. This payment is the same amount as in previous years and will enable us to cover these costs based on the number of students in the Year level.
Please make this payment online via compass by Thursday 14th December 2018.
If you have any questions regarding the Graduation Evening please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards,
Amanda Parsons
Grade 6 Graduation Coordinator
0438 562 850