Parents' Association

  • About Us

    The Glen Iris Primary School Parents’ Association (GIPS PA) is a sub-committee of the School Council and its members include a volunteer group of parents of students at GIPS, teachers and administration staff.  The PA aims to support GIPS in three very important ways – by strengthening the GIPS community by providing opportunities for social interaction and communication between parents, students and staff; by providing services to support the running of the school; and by raising fund to supplement the school budget.  

    All PA activities are coordinated with the GIPS Office and endorsed by the School Council.

    If you’d like to support our school, please contact your Class Rep or email 

  • Events 2023

To learn more about this year's events, click through to our Events page. 


  • Meetings

The PA meets virtually approximately every three weeks. Meetings are typically 30-45 minutes and are held online using Microsoft Teams, allowing everyone to dial in from the comfort of their homes. The meetings are used to review current activities and plan/ coordinate future events.  All members of the  GIPS community are welcome to attend these meetings. Meeting dates can be found on the Compass calendar and dial in details/an invitation can be requested by emailing


  • Feedback

As the Parents’ Association for GIPS, we pride ourselves on representing the Parents’ voice and adapting what we do for the GIPS community as the needs and expectations of the school and our families evolve.


We appreciate and encourage feedback and ideas: please email us at with anything you would like to share.


  • GIPS PA Roles 2023
Position Committee Member's Name


*outgoing President will be providing support through the transition period.

Pre-Loved Uniform Shop (PLUSH) Co-Ordinators

(2 positions)

Sarah Ferrier

Kym Blyth

Promotions Co-Ordinator


Communications Co-Ordinator

Ineke Lam
Kitchen Garden Co-Ordinators (2 positions)


Sustainability Co-Ordinator Kate Pitts
Non-government Grants Co-Ordinator (2 positions)

Jessica Hill


Make & Bake Co-Ordinators (2 positions)

Nadia Liberta

Mali Mathison