Extra Curricula

GIPS offers a variety of extra curricula programs which provide our students with unique learning and development opportunities in addition to their core curriculum.
Three Enrichment Programs are organised each semester for small groups of students with an interest or passion in a specific area. Students are selected so they work with like-minded peers. These programs are presented by our teachers and offer opportunities beyond the regular curriculum during a session each week.
The Inspiration Program is a program developed by the Assistant Principals from Glen Iris, Ashburton and Solway Primaries. Six students from each school are chosen to attend a half or one-day activity together each term. There are between three programs offered each term.
External providers also cater for students with other interests. These include Kelly Sports after school, TechKids and Tai Kwon Doh at lunchtime, Kate Standford’s dance classes before school and at lunchtime. The variety of musical instruments students can learn during school time has also increased. A highlight of each semester is the Soiree where students who learn an instrument have the opportunity to perform.
Our Student Action Leadership Teams (SALT) have a myriad of good ideas, and often organise lunchtime sporting events or other activities like the recent origami club.