School Fees & Levies

School Council reviews all fees and contributions each year and makes every effort to minimise the cost to families. We strive to ensure that the fees are reasonable and affordable for all families, while not sacrificing the quality of your child’s education.

The following summary provides a general overview of the fees:

Glen Iris Primary School Fees   

  • Essential Learning Items Fee - essential fee                                                             
  • Mathletics Fee- essential fee                                                             
  • Building Fund Levy - voluntary fee                     
  • ICT/LIBRARY Fund Levy - voluntary fee             

School Fees & Levies are payable through Compass.

Please find supporting documentation regarding school fees & levies below.

2021 School Fees - Parent/Guardian Payment Letter

Parent Payment Policy

Understanding Parent Payments

Cost Support for Families

CSEF Flyer - Financial Assistance for Families

CSEF Application Form