International Students

If you are travelling to Victoria, Australia, and are interested in enrolling in Glen Iris Primary School consider the following: 

Students without an Australian Passport 

International students who hold an overseas passport must enrol through the International Student Division of the Department of Education.   More information can be found here:
They can also be contacted on: Phone: +613 7022 1000 or Email:

Students with an Australian Passport 

Students travelling to Australia from overseas and hold an Australian passport can enrol directly with their local primary school. 

Glen iris Primary School will accept your enrolment if you are living in our enrolment zone.

You may be asked to confirm and provide:

  • Student birth certificate

  • Student immunisation certificiate

  • Proof of residential address (to confirm that you are within the school zone).  If unsure, and you would like to check your Australian address to see what school you are zoned to please go to:

  • Completed Enrolment Application Form


Blackburn English Language School


Blackburn English Language School (ELS) is a Government Primary and Secondary coeducational school that caters for new arrival students with Australian Passports who are from language backgrounds other than English (LBOTE).

Students attend Blackburn ELS for an intensive program in English Language prior to enrolment in a mainstream school. The aims are to teach students the language and learning skills to successfully meet the educational demands of schooling and to prepare them for participation in the wider school community.

More information can be found here: