International Students 國際學生

International Students must enrol through the International Student Division of the Department of Education. 
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We don't offer an English Language support program. We recommend that non-English speakers consider enrolling at the Blackburn English Language School for a term, to improve their English.

Blackburn English Language School
Blackburn English Language School (ELS) is a Government Primary and Secondary coeducational school that caters for new arrival students who are from language backgrounds other than English (LBOTE).

Students attend Blackburn ELS for an intensive program in English Language prior to enrolment in a mainstream school. The aims are to teach students the language and learning skills to successfully meet the educational demands of schooling and to prepare them for participation in the wider school community.

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我们不提供英语语言支持计划,建议注册本校之前先先就读布莱克本英语语言学校(BLACKBURN ELS)。国际学生需要就读语言学校并顺利毕业之后方可进入日校学习。

布莱克本英语语言学校 (BLACKBURN ELS)是一所政府隶属的男女混合的语言学校,它给来自非英语背景国家的中小学留学生提供英文语言的支持和帮助。其宗旨是教授学生英语语言和学习的技巧从而满足日校学习的要求。并让学生做好进一步参与学校社区日常活动的准备。