Student Representative Council - SRC

The GIPS Student Representative Council (SRC) is made up of two Representatives from each class from Year 3 to 6. One of the students represents their class in Semester 1; the other in Semester 2. Members of the SRC meet every 2-3 weeks, often giving up their lunchtimes to attend meetings which are run by the students, led by the nominated ‘chairperson’ and documented by the ‘minute taker’.


During these meetings, the SRC discusses issues relating to the school community. The SRC are often given the task of interviewing their class members about certain issues (for example, what books they would like to see in the Library and what lunchtime clubs they would like to see introduced at the school). The SRC shares this information with GIPS staff to help them make decisions regarding the operations of the school.


Through the SRC, students are given a formal ‘voice’ within the school; an opportunity to have a say on how the school is run.  In addition, the SRC have initiated some of the school’s fundraising events including end-of-term dress up days, ANZAC and Poppy Appeals and the annual school disco.


GIPS appreciates the dedication and involvement of all SRC representatives, not only this year, but in previous years.  We admire their organisation, commitment and enthusiasm.  And we commend them for representing their respective classes faithfully and, in doing so, promoting a greater student voice within our school.