Recent News

# From the Principal's Office

Recently I had to drive my youngest daughter, who is in Year 7, to an early morning school start. It was a rush to get out the door and on the road to be on time. Half way through the drive she suddenly lets out an, “Oh no!” Fearing a calamity, I ask what’s wrong. “I have left my phone at home!”

# The Space Odyssey

Join the GIPS PA for a fabulous night of space adventure! The GIPS Space Odyssey is taking place on August 17 at the East Malvern RSL. Tickets go on sale today through Trybooking

# Donations at Tax Time

As the end of the financial year approaches, please consider making a tax-deductable donation to our Building or ICT/Library Fund. Please click through for more information.

# Dance Club Performance

Our next performance will be in assembly on FRIDAY 28th JUNE at 2.00pm. All fun loving family and friends are warmly invited! Kate :)

# Local Leader Grants

Our bike shelter project has been listed as a finalist in the Leader Local Grants. We need your help! With enought votes we might win a grant to go towards this project. Click through to vote.

# Term 3 Activities at GIPS

Click through for details of Term 3 programs for Digimaker Computer Coding, Fit for Kids, Dance Club and more.

# Earn and Learn

The Earn and Learn program finishes tomorrow, so send in your stickers asap so that they can be included in our count. 

# New Books Galore!

As you may be aware, GIPS has a strong focus on Reading Comprehension. In order to support this, last year we purchased close to 400 new Take Home Reading books for the Prep – Year 2 area. This year we have been able to purchase around 150 new books for the Year 4 classes.

# School Holiday Ideas

Keep the kids active and interested over the holidays with some of the great school holiday ideas. 

Team Kids Winter Holidays Program

Team Holiday run a program Monday - Friday in the school holidays. Click here to see the program. Book online at

Entertainment Books

Entertainment Books are back! Click through for ordering information, and then pick your book up from the front office.

Prep Enrolments for 2020

Now is the time to enrol your child for Prep 2020. More information on Prep 2020 can be found here. If you have a younger sibling starting next year, please bring their enrolment forms to the office as soon as possible.

Activities at GIPS

Make school even more fun with extra-curricular activities, offered by outside suppliers, such as: Dance Club, taekwondo, computer programming, violin lessons, piano lessons, singing lessons, soccer, tennis, Fit Kids and Kelly Sports.   READ MORE