Year 6 and Preps

Our Prep and Year 6 students have the opportunity to become ‘Buddies.’ The Buddy Program has been running for many years. It is one of the many ways Glen Iris Primary School helps prep students settle into school. Buddies meet regularly throughout the year to complete fun activities together. These activities include literacy activities, maths games, and craft. The program has an extremely positive impact on both the Prep and Year 6 students. It is another opportunity for our senior students to acknowledge their leadership, become more responsible and foster pride in their ability to be helpful and supportive.

Year 5 and Kinder

In the last few years we have expanded the Buddy Program into our local community. Groups of Year 5 students visit the Glen Iris Road Uniting Church Kindergarten each week to undertake developmental activities with the kinder students. Our goal is to develop relationships between the younger and older children, enhancing the sense of a friendly and supportive school community. There are many benefits for the Year 5 buddy and our Buddy Program helps them to build their skills for the following year when they will have a Prep Buddy.

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