PE and Sport

Just like all classes at GIPS, our Physical Education (PE) class incorporates our instructional model. Our teacher explicitly teaches skills that are developmentally appropriate to the grade’s needs and then offers students lots of opportunities for practice and feedback. Participating in group activities during PE is a wonderful way to build social skills such as emotional intelligence and resilience, so we prioritise cooperative sports alongside skill building such as ball handling. In addition, we bring in many outside instructors to teach our students specialised skills from tennis to hockey.

Interschool Sport

In grades 5 and 6, our students participate in intramural sports weekly in addition to their PE classes. Our grade 5 and 6 students have an additional 100 minutes of PE per week.

House Events

At GIPS, we also have a whole-school swimming program for all grade levels. Furthermore, events such as cross country, swimming carnivals, and house athletics are wonderful ways for students to not only showcase their abilities, but these events also bring out heaps of house spirit.

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