Built within our instructional model, all children's learning needs are met because we differentiate learning so students are working just beyond their comfort levels. This means that teachers have specifically designed their lessons to target the students’ learning needs. Students also have their own goals which they co-develop with their teachers.

We offer support and enrichment for our students who need additional differentiation.


Our school offers the Tutor Learning Initiative. We target the learning needs of children in small groups across the school who need additional support. We also run small groups for structured synthetic phonics using the Multi-Lit approach for students who need additional phonological support outside of the explicit phonological instruction they receive in their classrooms. This additional support is available for students in years one to six.


For students who want to be challenged, we have a range of programs to inspire and support including Tournament of Minds, Maths Olympiad, and the Victorian High Abilities Program.

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