Glen Iris Primary School welcomes International Students and hope that you enjoy your stay in Melbourne.

This page is for International Students who have been approved by the school and already enrolled via the ISP.

To begin with, we need you to complete an Enrolment Form for your student. This is in addition to the registration with the International Student Program.
Please download the enrolment form here, and then email it back to us.

Useful Information about life at Glen Iris Primary School

Term Dates 2024

Term 1: 30 January - Thursday 28 March
Term 2: 15 April - 28 June
Term 3: 15 July - 20 September
Term 4: 7 October - 20 December

Student Free Days 2024
Wednesday 28 February
Friday 26 April
Tuesday 30 July
Monday 4 November

School Times

Bag Bell :8.50am
School starts:
Recess eating time*:
10.40am - 10.45am
Recess play time:
10.45am - 11.10am
Lunch eating time*:
12.50pm - 1.00pm
Lunch play time:

1.00pm - 1.50pm

School finishes:

* students are supervised in the classroom during these eating times.


Students are expected to bring healthy meals, with the following suggestions:

Recess: Fruit, crackers, yoghurt, etc.

Lunch: Sandwich, noodles in a thermos, sushi, fruit, etc.

  • Please note that there is no facility for students to heat up their food.
  • Do not send nuts (peanuts, pistachios, cashews, almonds, etc), as many students are allergic to them.
  • Preps will also need an additional serve of fruit to eat at their “Munch and Crunch” time in the afternoon.

Food can be ordered through “Classroom Cuisine” at before 8.30am. If you order Classroom Cuisine lunch, you will need to send food for recess.

Please ensure that your child can go to the toilet themselves and is confident in using a western toilet.

Students are expected to wear the GIPS school uniform during their stay.
The school uniform is provided by PSW. They have a shopfront in Kew, and you can also order online.

12 Strathalbyn Rd
Kew East, VIC 3102
Online orders:

We also have a well-stocked second-hand uniform shop at the school, which is a great way to round out your uniform supply. We have most items, including school bags. You can visit the shop during school hours and have a look. Everything is $5.

Sun Smart Policy
“NO HAT, NO PLAY” It is compulsory for staff and students to wear hats whenever they are outside from Sept 1 to April 30. Volunteers are also encouraged to wear hats and sun-screen. Students who do not have their school hats must sit in a designated shade area. Hats can only be borrowed from the Office for sports sessions.

Compass School Manager
We use Compass School Manager to communicate with parents, and for permission and payments of events, attendance, reminders, news, etc.
Please download the app to your devices, and your login letter will be given to you on arrival.

Excursions/ Incursions / Sporting Events
All your ongoing school fees have been paid through the International Student Program
However, costs for excursions, incursions, sporting events and other activities will be charged as these events occur. All permissions and payments are made through Compass.

A school report will be issued if a student is enrolled for longer than one school term.

Before and After School Care - Team Kids
The Before and After School Care program is run on school days by Team Kids. A program also operates on some Curriculum Days. The program is very well organised and offers a stimulating range of activities. The program is also available for occasional and emergency use. On school days, the program is available from 7.00am to 8.45am and 3.30pm to 6.30pm. The Before and After School Care program can be contacted

Illness at School
We are unable to cater for sick children at school. If any child becomes ill, we will contact the parents to come and collect the child. We ask that parents give us an alternative contact in case they cannot be reached. The sick bay is used for treating children at recess and lunch times. Parents are discouraged from sending unwell children to school as they may spread infection, and struggle to cope with the rigors of school life.

First Day
Please come to the front office at 8.45am on your first day of school.

If your flight is delayed, and you arrive in Melbourne on the day you are supposed to start at school, please don’t bring the students on that day. Students need a day after flying to rest, or it is too hard for them. Please start school the day after you arrive, (or later, depending on your enrolment dates).